Webshop integrated with ERP accounting system

Syncronization between accounting system (ERP) and online shop is a must when at least one of the situations occurs:

  1. Stocks are changing very often;
  2. Prices are changing very often;
  3. There are at least 5 placed orders per day and manual invoice generation becomes hard work;

This syncronization is being made with the SaaS platform FamShop, that can connect shops with ERPs. More than that, FamShop resolves particular business problems, because it has an API designed to communicate easily with external apps (third party apps).

E-commerce platform integrated with mobile application

To optimize the buy – processing – delivery process, FamDev proposes a solution for order automation through the own e-commerce plaform integrated with FamShop, the online shop as mobile application. With it, the administration of products, stocks and prices will increase its efficiency and the information will be displayed instantly in the mobile application. Furthermore, the platform is integrated with PrestaShop, Magento and Opencart, which makes FamShop to display the products from them and to insert the placed orders.

famshop platform