I want to be a programmer, what should i do?

At first sight, we all know that nowadays there are many jobs related to programming. Why? Simple. Programs replace many processes done by humans, bringing automation in discussion. Well, you have to know that programming isn’t easy at all. The main question is: what is the path to a software engineer career? Many people say that the college and university help you a lot in gaining the knowledge. Yes, it is true, but only partial. School only gives you the opportunity to find out what are your skills and passions that define you. Nowadays internet is full of information. Many people have a problem with learning because they do not know how to do it. The trick is to know how to filter the information. We all know that every person has his own style of learning, but what defines you as a professional is determination. Determination is created from the passion of work and expected results. Only if you have it you can climb easily and fast the career ladder. If you are aware that you do not own this, stop. Why should you write code then? Only because this is the trend?